CWA Strong Campaign

Apr 12, 2017

Our current political climate requires that we mobilize and engage our members like never before.  With impending attacks on collective bargaining rights looming from the Supreme Court, Congress, and state legislatures, we must have a membership that fully understands the fundamental value of being an active member of their union, their political system, and their community.

With this in mind, IUE is taking part in the CWA Strong Campaign.  This national campaign will help locals strengthen their local membership and participation.  Trainings will be available to IUE-CWA locals through IUE headquarters.  The trainings are designed to:

-Educate members on the value of the union, and why it’s so important to be a member.
-Help local leaders build their skills to address common concerns from members about joining the union.
-Setting up mobilization teams at our locals to more effectively communicate with and engage our members.

If you are interested in setting up a CWA Strong training at your local, contact Richard Shorter at