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IUE-CWA Occupational Safety and Health

The department is committed to ensuring that every member return home at the end of their workday with the same health and quality of life they had at the beginning of their day. To achieve this goal, we work with local officers and their businesses to develop safety committees. The committees work to reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses and promote practices that minimize unsafe work conditions and target compliance with federal and state health and safety regulations. Significant progress has been made towards meeting this ambitious goal of developing effective occupational safety and health committees. The primary challenge is to ensure that member protections keep pace with the rapid changes occurring, such technological advances, demographic shifts, pandemic insecurities, businesses growth and downsizing. Much work remains.

The further strengthening our bargaining power and building our union the department facilitates and supports continuous officer leadership skills and safety training within the IUE-CWA division.

All workers are entitled to a safe and healthy environment. The department works in partnership with community partners doing outreach to students of all ages creating a link to the workers and potential members of tomorrow.

Health and Safety Department Roles:

  • Provide support over the phone, virtually, and in person, to Local’s, members, and their businesses.
  • Encouraging IUE-CWA Locals to build relationships with OSHA’s National, Regional and Area Offices to address health, safety, and whistleblower issues.
  • Sharing information on occupational safety and health laws and standards, including the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers.
  • Provide assistance in negotiating health and safety protections.
  • Provide support with workplace safety inspections and evaluating occupational hazards.
  • Support with accident investigations.
  • Conduct workshops, seminars, and meetings on occupational health and safety topics to IUE-CWA local safety committees and their membership
  • Review injury and illness information
  • Respond to and coordinate request for information regarding materials and trainings
  • Develop joint health and safety committees and training programs
  • Support IUE-CWA campaigns that may include health and safety prevention initiatives
  • Participate in and represent the IUE-CWA at National meetings and conventions
  • Represent the IUE-CWA and serve on committees working to develop national standards and guidance.

Contact the EHS department:

  • Before you call OSHA. Call your Union. OSHA standards do not cover every hazard, and many current standards are not protective enough. If you work in the private sector, you are most likely covered by an OSHA regional office under federal OSHA, or an OSHA program operated by your state government. If you work in the public sector in a state that runs its own OSHA program, you are covered by those states. However, more than eight million public sector workers in 27 states are not covered by federal OSHA.
  • Anytime you have a question or concern related to health or safety on the job
  • Matters related to worker rights, injuries, illnesses, and incidents
  • For information regarding leadership or occupational safety and health trainings
  • If you want to be involved or want information on how to be on the safety committee
  • If you have a workplace health or safety issue or concern
  • If you believe working conditions are unsafe or unhealthful
  • If you have questions regarding filing an OSHA or whistleblower complaint
  • If you have questions regarding filing party status or citation requirements
  • If your safety committee wants to establish a relationship between your safety committee and other local committees or OSHA
  • If you want to establish or update a health and safety system in your workplace.
  • If you’re not sure who to call, call us. Your safety and the safety of others remains our top concern. Your information will be kept confidential.

Please note that the department will not be able to answer queries about individual cases, particularly matters of employment law, which should be discussed for advice through traditional methods.

You have Rights. All Workers have Rights.

Federal law entitles you to a safe workplace. Your employer must keep your workplace free of known health and safety hazards. You have the right to speak up about hazards without fear of retaliation.

It is illegal for an employer to fire, demote, transfer, or otherwise retaliate against a worker who complains to OSHA and uses their legal rights. If you believe you have been retaliated against in any way, file a whistleblower complaint within 30 days of the alleged retaliation.

You also have the right to:

  • Receive workplace safety and health training in a language you understand
  • Work on machines that are safe
  • Receive required safety equipment, such as gloves or a harness and lifeline for falls
  • Be protected from toxic chemicals
  • Request an OSHA inspection, and speak to the inspector
  • Report an injury or illness, and get copies of your medical records
  • Review records of work-related injuries and illnesses
  • See results of tests taken to find workplace hazards

Exercise your rights. Know who your health and safety reps are in the workplace and how they can support you.

Health and Safety Contact Information

  • Debra Fisher, CSMP,CSHM
  • Health and Safety Specialist
  • Email: dfisher@iue-cwa.org
  • Phone: 937-298-7066

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  • IUE-CWA Safety & Health Department
  • 2701 Dryden Road
  • Moraine, OH 45439

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